20348-3023075 882x340Modern Fabric Technology

Bombard sportsboats are crafted from our own 1100 Decitex ‘Strongan’ fabric which is significantly tougher than that used in most other inflatables. It has been perfected to retain its original character even after years and years of prolonged exposure to ozone and the sun’s UV rays. It is particularly airtight and designed for the marine environment.

Thermobonding – The Bombard Guarantee

The vast majority of the Bombard range are made using a thermobonding teachnique to ensure a long lasting seal between the fabric seams.This fuses the fabric together, as well as welding the inner and outer joining strips in a fully-automated heat-fusion process. This is a very reliable construction method, making a permanent seal at the seams, which can be seen immediately from the excellent finish.

Boat Structure: Designed with Safety in Mind

The hull shape of any boat is one of the most important criteria in its’ design. This is often overlooked by other inflatable manufacturers, and the public, with the result being disappointing, wet or even dangerous handling characteristics. At Bombard, every single one of our hulls is conceptualised in our Computer Aided Design programs which benefit from the latest marine software design to reproduce correct planing ability, effective resistance points, rigidity, comfort and safety.

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