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Avon has been setting the standard for quality, style and innovation for generations – the Roll Away is a prime example, and as you’re about to see, we’re still leading the way and leaving everything in our wake.

Versatility and affordability

Whatever you’re looking for, be it family fun or high speed performance, and whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, there’s the perfect inflatable for you within the Avon range. From a nippy little Dinghy to a hard-working Adventure R.I.B., the quality is obvious, the value extraordinary.

Exceptional performance

With their light weight and advanced hull designs, you can expect high performance from your Avon even with medium powered engines, providing major energy and cost savings. The seaworthiness of these inflatables is unparalleled.

With well tested, carefully designed hull shapes, raised bows, outstanding buoyancy and remarkable stability, they can withstand much rougher conditions than rigid craft of comparable size.

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