Mercury Inflatable Boats utilise the most current and highest-quality processes in the industry. This commitment to building a top-of-the-line boat is at the heart of our High-Performance Product Development (HPPD) philosophy.

Mercury Inflatable Boats have a low center of gravity because of the shock-absorbing tubes which result in a softer, smoother ride and a more comfortable boat compared to other inflatables the same size. Mercury Inflatable Boats have trademarked Quick-Lift end cones to reduce planing time and bow rise, and supply ample buoyancy and lift at the transom, to create a more stable ride. To top it off, Mercury Inflatable Boats are very lightweight, extremely fuel-efficient and easily maintained – allowing you time to enjoy family fun in your ‘go-anywhere’ boat.

As a ship-to-shore craft, or as a go-anywhere boat in its own right, a Mercury Inflatable boat makes a whole lot of sense.

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