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We’ve spent an enormous amount of time on the water comparing, developing, and testing outboards, as well as having fun in all kinds of boats. So, long ago we concluded that the Ultimate Outboard is one that gives the user a sense of both satisfaction and excitement. At Suzuki, we continually explore and develop new design technologies to give our outboards a superior edge. We focus our energy, knowledge and skill on finding new and better ways to deliver improved performance, greater durability, higher fuel efficiency and even quieter operation. 50 years after the launch of our first outboard motor, Suzuki proudly stands at the leading edge of marine propulsion technology. We have dominated the industry with award winning innovation and designs. Boating is in our DNA, and that drives us towards the next breakthrough in performance that will satisfy our own expectations, and importantly, those of tomorrow’s boater. Knowing that our outboards put smiles on the faces of boaters as they experience the pleasures of owning a boat brings us a great sense of pride. This is what drives us further in pursuit of the Ultimate Outboard – so that we can provide you with the ultimate experience on the water.

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